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Dec. 8th, 2006 @ 03:33 am (no subject)
what's this? a seeg update? you know what that means. trip to canada for me! well, it's over now. but i was there. and i thought of updating while there, but instead decided to update sean's journal for him. so here is my update on the trip. let's see if i recall everything.

this was the first non-alone trip to the center (centre?) of ontario. with tim the choke with me, we began our journey around 9:30 thursday evening, after tim finished working and we got gas and air in our tires. tim drove us to buffalo, and then i took over driving the rest of the way. we were kind of tired, and didn't really pay attention to the sign that said "canada" and accidentally stayed on I-90. this added an extra hour to our trip, and we called every boardie we could think of (a whole 3 people!) to try and relay the message to sean, but all but genesis hated us, and did not pick up the phone. genesis was working, so it made it difficult for her to post. so finally we called a friend back home and had him sign in as me and make a post. so if you see any weird messages from me anytime soon, it may actually be from him.

when we crossed the border, i somehow got a bit mixed up, and we ended up in the commercial truck entrance. it was a bit nerve-wracking, since i was between two trucks and wasn't sure if they knew i was there. i was afraid of getting crushed. but we made it to the border patrol alright, only to be reminded of the difference in height of trucks and my car. i stopped at the window, and yelled "hello!" to the lady in the booth 5 or so feet above me. she looked out, then looked down, and although she didn't show it, i'm sure she was making fun of me in her mind. i nearly dropped our IDs as i reached up and she reached out to receive them. she asked me who owned the vehicle, and i said i did. she looked at it as if she wanted to inspect it, but decided it wasn't worth the effort and, after reaching down again to return our IDs to us, waved us on. since it was darktime, we weren't able to really see the weird statues on the QEW. we did pay homage to jill as we passed her exit. and i didn't get confused getting on the 403, thanks to the awesome navigational skills of tim (which were actually just moderately awesome, since he did miss the sign that said 'canada' back in the states. but we won't fault him for that).

once we got on the 6, i decided to stop for gas, since i didn't think there would be a station for awhile. as it goes, it turns out there were quite a few, all of which were about $.04-.05 cheaper, but the man at our station was very nice and i'm glad we stopped there. i purchased a cappuccino and gigantic twix and snickers bars, and we were off again.

we arrive at joseph st. around 3:40 am. i slowly cruise down the street, as it had been 10 months since my last visit, and i couldn't recall exactly which house was his. however, as i pulled in front, i felt the familiarity of having been parked there before, and knew i was in the right place. my feeling was confirmed by a peeking sean, waving at us from the window of his former room, now studio. we exited the car, and he ran downstairs and opened his home to us. as he leaned forward and reached out with his long arms, his bony hands pulling and beckoning us inside, his deep husking voice inviting us to "come in," i was suddenly fearful, and for a moment considered going back to my car and returning to the states. but sean's sheer adorableness won me over, mostly because of his rugged, old man looking face, and i had no choice but to enter the mccarron home.

to be continued...
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Date:December 8th, 2006 04:42 pm (UTC)
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Haha, oh Sean.